Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein I absolutely loved this book -- I don't want to write a full review yet, because I think I would not be able to make one spoiler-free. However, I will say just a few things:1. I liked this one even better than Code Name Verity. (My personal opinion -- you don't have to agree!)2. One of the reasons I like it so much? Not just the amazing plot and characters, but the poetry and music.3. Did I mention the characters? Here's something I would love to ask [a:Elizabeth Wein|52320|Elizabeth Wein|] -- is there a deliberate allusion to [b:The Empty Kingdom|1669217|The Empty Kingdom (The Lion Hunters, #5)|Elizabeth Wein||1664163] in this story? How much I loved Athena in that book -- and she has a sister in this one (IMO), though not a twin.I have read some reviews that claim this book lacks suspense, because you know from the start that the narrator will survive. I disagree -- I found it incredibly suspenseful.For those who have yet to read either this book or Code Name Verity, and who want to read both, you should definitely read Code Name Verity first. This book stands alone quite well, but there are spoilers for Code Name Verity.Longer review later -- and thank you, Elizabeth Wein, for writing such marvelous books!PS Yes, you need a handkerchief. Or two.