House of Many Ways

House of Many Ways - Diana Wynne Jones, Jenny Sterlin I really enjoyed this book! Diana Wynne Jones is a master story teller, and Jenny Sterlin does a wonderful job with the narration.A question for goodreads -- why is the description in Russian (?) when the book is in English? This makes no manner of sense to me!But anyway....Charmain, our heroine, is not an immediately likeable character. But she is still a sympathetic viewpoint character. And the house itself is fascinating -- as is the castle, and really, the whole country.I think my favorite character is probably Calcifer -- Ms. Sterlin does an amazing voice for him. The omnipresent, though completely absent, old uncle is also pretty good. And Howl is preposterous, aggravating, and completely great! My final "favorite"character is Waif, who doesn't' say a word -- but there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.Definitely a lot of fun! I think readers who like "Harry Potter"should give this series a look -- & I might well read/ listen to this one again.