The Plain Princess

The Plain Princess - Phyllis McGinley I decided to read this book because it was sitting on my library shelf, and I wanted to see whether it would still be relevant or attractive to today's little girls. I'd actually never heard of it before, even though it's been around for ages! And I loved some of [a:Phyllis McGinley|62056|Phyllis McGinley|]'s other books when I was little, especially [b:A Wreath of Christmas Legends|6508672|A Wreath of Christmas Legends|Phyllis McGinley||2296757].My verdict? Though not a great book, this is charming, and will appeal to girls who enjoy old fashioned stories and fairy tales. I'd actually rate it somewhere between a 3 and a 4, but I'm following my usual review practice of rating high, rather than low.A note: Personally, I loved the book design and illustrations -- but the cover, in particular, would look very old and unattractive to many modern children. I can think of several kids who would enjoy the story, though, if they could get past that.