Which Is Round? Which Is Bigger?

Which Is Round? Which Is Bigger? - Mineko Mamada A clever and lovely concept book, with charming illustrations!Each page contains a single colorful and beautifully composed picture, sometimes with no words and sometimes with a simple question (or two), followed by "What do you think?" And the book is genuinely thought-provoking!To take an example, the first pages ask "Which one is round?" Under the question sits a lovely red apple, and on the opposite page stands an armadillo. But on the next pages, the apple has been eaten down to the core, and the armadillo has rolled himself into a ball. Then, the question is repeated: "Which one is round? What do you think?" And so it goes!Use of the gutter and white space is marvelous throughout the book. The book design is truly beautiful!NOTEI really appreciate getting a first look at this book on Netgalley, but this is the type of book that is best seen "in person." It would be excellent to get a feel for the weight of the paper and the quality of the binding. Because this book will certainly see heavy use. I think children will love it.