Screwtape Letters DVD Dramatized (Focus on the Family Radio Theatre)

The Screwtape Letters: First Ever Full-Cast Dramatization of the Diabolical Classic [With DVD] - C.S. Lewis, Dave Arnold, Focus on the Family I think that Andy Serkis is a god among men -- or at least a very excellent devil!I've read the book before -- it's entertaining, but I thought this dramatization was wonderful. Definitely worth a listen. I'd recommend it to anybody at all susceptible to Lewis's writing who likes audiobooks. It's completely enjoyable!A caveat -- the last disc ends with several (about a dozen) original songs inspired by Screwtape, and probably not all of them will be to everybody's taste. I myself liked a couple of them, but not all of them. However, they are all very well performed, in their various styles.Get it and listen to it! It's fun -- Andy Serkis is amazing.