Fall of a Kingdom (Farsala Trilogy Series #1)

Fall of a Kingdom - Hilari Bell I love this series!And I'm adding re-reads to this year's reading challenge -- just to make sure I'll be able to re-read some of my favorites.Definitely, this series is one of my favorites. What I love most about it is precisely what some people hate about it -- that our "heroes" are not always right. It's really interesting to see the conflicts that develop when the "bad" side has so much good to offer. And I love how Hilari Bell incorporates the ancient Persian myths! I also love her depictions of magic -- not overdone, and not too easy -- unlike the magic in some other (admittedly fun) series I could name.Great world building, great characters, great fun to read!And I only didn't give this one 5 stars because the next 2 are even better.