The Lion Hunter (Mark of Solomon)

The Lion Hunter - Elizabeth Wein Definitely, you will like this book if you love [a:Megan Whalen Turner|22542|Megan Whalen Turner|]'s Queen's Thief series.Telemakos! You are such a wonderful character -- I love you!!In fact, I love this book so much I hardly know what to say....I will say that I was perplexed by one review I read by a fellow Sounisian, comparing Telemakos with Attolia. (I'm sorry -- I don't remember whose review that was...). But the person said that reading this book was a bit like reading QoA from Attolia's point of view. So, so, so.....I definitely agree that elements of Attolia, and characters who resemble her, appear in these books. The closest Attolia equivalent for me, though, is not Telemakos at all -- it's Goewin -- even to her coloring, and the color of her dress. Although a strong argument could also be made for Goewin as Eddis, with her maps and her devoted and brilliant young spy. But there are no exact equivalents here, which is all to the good. Elizabeth Wein and [a:Megan Whalen Turner|22542|Megan Whalen Turner|] are two very brilliant authors, each of whom tells her own unique and gripping tale.(BTW, I always thought [b:The Queen of Attolia|40158|The Queen of Attolia (The Queen's Thief, #2)|Megan Whalen Turner||1124161] was from Attolia's point of view. Which is part of its brilliance. You get to see the gradual development of her character by seeing through her eyes. But I digress ...)I will say that these books are dark. Poor Telemakos encounters incredible evil, and endures dreadful things. But the story is great, nonetheless, and the characters! Even people who appear quite briefly are vivid and seem to have hidden depth. And I adore Athena -- and Sofya, too!I will also say that I almost downgraded this book to a 4 -- or even a 3 -- because it is the worst cliffhanger ever. (To give you an idea, it's as bad as the end of [b:The Two Towers|15241|The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)|J.R.R. Tolkien||2963845]). But I couldn't in the end. It's just too good a book.