Coalition Of Lions

A Coalition of Lions - Elizabeth Wein Enormously interesting, and -- sometimes, and surprisingly -- incredibly moving. This is a very beautiful, delicate study of first love, which is also filled with political intrigue, adventure, lions, secret passages, twists, adventure, comedy, tragedy....and the most amazing characters. I don't know how Elizabeth Wein can do everything she does in so few words -- and I also don't know how she can always make me cry.I thought this was a great book -- it wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea (or coffee, as the case may be). But I loved it.I think anybody who likes the books of [a:Megan Whalen Turner|22542|Megan Whalen Turner|], [a:Rosemary Sutcliff|26457|Rosemary Sutcliff|], or [a:Amanda McCrina|6216354|Amanda McCrina|] would love this, too.