Winter of Fire (Point)

Winter of Fire - Sherryl Jordan I loved this book, and I'm so sorry it's out of print! I thought Elsha was an amazing character, and I had a lot of sympathy for her. It's true, one reviewer said, that she's very reckless sometimes, and does some stupid things. But, to me, that made her character more vivid and believable.The book does have one or two problems. Definitely, Elsha relies a little too much on men, and I can see how her relationships with them might bother some readers -- though I think they are very true-to-life, for a young woman in her situation.On the whole, the book has interesting, vivid characters, a well-worked out plot, a unique setting, and some beautiful writing -- evocative, sometimes even poetic, but not overblown. It is one of my favorites among Sherryl Jordan's novels.